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One of the most important components of beekeeping in harmony with nature is the ethical harvest. We always leave as much honey in the hives as the bees will need to survive winter and build up in spring. We do not take honey when harvesting would be a detriment to the bees.

In the rugged climate of Oregon’s Klamath mountains, a strong colony needs approximately 60-80+ pounds of stored honey to last through the brutal winter. Over-harvesting causes starvation, malnutrition, and colony death during winter, so it is crucial to ensure that the bees have enough honey to emerge healthy in springtime.

Because many of the colonies are just getting started, Ruby will give extra honey from the more established hives to the smaller hives. The goal is to help the little hives make it through winter, rather than harvesting the honey for sale. It’s like Robin Hood for bees – robbing honey from the rich and giving it to the poor.

If every hive has enough to survive comfortably, then we may harvest honey for folks to enjoy.

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