One feature of our land is that it's heavily wooded and almost all of the trees are Ponderosa pines. There's not much growing in the clearings where you would expect to find small plants, shrubs, or vines. This suggests a forest fire long ago wiped out the undergrowth and the other trees, leaving the notoriously fire-resistant Ponderosa to take over. There is precious little natural forage for bees and native pollinators, so we are planting wildflowers in the clearings. We chose native, drought-tolerant, deer-resistant varieties that provide superior quality nutrition for honeybees. 

We want to give the local ecosystem a boost by introducing diverse plants -- but we don't want to introduce invasive species that could cause damage to the delicate balance. So we've researched native plants and trees to ensure that what we plant will enhance the ecosystem. We're planting a large field of poppies, columbine, aster, yarrow, and other native wildflowers. We will also plant native trees such as Douglas fir, manzanita, wild lilac, incense cedar, and lodgepole pines. 100% of contributions made here will directly support reforestation and wildflower planting. 

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